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S02E12 - The L.A. Complex - Xs and Os
28 giugno 2016
A party is hosted at a bar, and Abby has a bit too much to drink and it leads to her marrying Gray in haste in Las Vegas. Kal's world is rocked after his father is hospitalized from an apparent stroke. Christopher tries to comfort Kal, while Dawna finally sees through Kal's double life. Raquel continues her credit card scam with Manny who begins showing off his ill-acquired wealth which arouses Max's suspicions and Raquel demanding a larger cut. Connor's past finally catches up to him when he is charged with arson and insurance fraud. Charlotte hears about his arrest and tries to take the rap for Connor burning down his house. Cam takes Beth to a university for a tour as a potential place to attend, while Simon stays behind to work on Cam and Kevin's movie. Elsewhere, Nick takes a humiliating job of being a dress-up rabbit at a studio head daughter's bar mitzvah where he worries about being stuck in this profession. Kal learns that his friend Rook stole the computer hard drive from his house (which shows Kal making out with Tariq before the beating that Kal gave him at the end of Season 1) when he threw him out and now Darius has stolen the hard drive from him.

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