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S02E10 - The L.A. Complex - Make It Right
28 giugno 2016
Kal and Abby set off together to find Tariq in Montreal after he confides in her about what he did. Back in Los Angeles, Connor's sister Charlotte introduces him to an interesting new religion to purge himself of his troubled memories. At the Lux, Raquel pushes Cam, Kevin, and Dita to start filming their low-budget movie with her in the lead which leads to her deciding to take unethical steps to finance the film. Beth goes on another date with Cam who takes her to a local high school to take an SAT test, while Simon stays behind at the Lux with Kevin to help him work on a bubble machine. Elsewhere, Nick and Sabrina have a run-in with Sabrina's wealthy and overbearing parents whom think that she is in medical school. At Nick's urging, Sabrina makes a confession to her parents that changes everything between them.

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