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S01E04 - The L.A. Complex - The Other Side of the Door
28 giugno 2016
Alicia's dance career is ruined when no one wants to work with her due to her released sex tape. Meanwhile, Connor flashes back to his troubled and abused childhood in Australia, while in the present he seeks the advice of an acting coach to help motivate him. Abby and Nick bond which leads to him showing her the wonders of Los Angeles. Raquel continues to try to search for funding for her friends' script, and goes out on her birthday with Gary, and later spends time with Connor. Elsewhere, Kaldrick and Tariq take a break from L.A. to develop a new layer to their relationship, but once back in public, Kal becomes more desperate to keep his tough-guy reputation intact in order to hide his romantic tryst with Tariq.

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