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S01E07 - New Blood - Caso 3, Parte 2
29 settembre 2016
Rash is determined to clear his sister's name, and with the help of Stefan, sets about tracking down Lisa Douglas. Meanwhile, John Malik offers Stefan a deal - the Our Child accounts with evidence of fake payments in return for the 'Bermuda' DVD taken during the search of his house. Stefan soon realises, however, there is more to the DVD than meets the eye - and discovers a passport which confirms Malik is Daniel Lorca. Meanwhile, he and Rash witness a meeting between Lisa Douglas and David Kumalah, an African diplomat who has recently spoken out against the level of aid being covered up by his own government. They try to access Kumalah's laptop, but he catches him the act and sends two heavies to silence them. They manage to escape, but it's not long before Kumalah is on their tail, determined to silence them once and for all.
New Blood

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