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S01E06 - New Blood - Caso 3, Parte 1
29 settembre 2016
Rash and Sands investigate a series of burglaries on upmarket London flats. Meanwhile, the SFO are on the trail of John Malik, whom they suspect is hiding serial fraudster Daniel Lorca, wanted for conning thousands of unsuspecting pensioners out of their hard-earned savings. Rash is unwittingly drafted onto the case when Stefan decides to illegally search Lorca's uninhabited London flat. Their investigation leads them to a Turkish bath, but Stefan's eagerness to find the elusive Lorca leads to the pair ending up on the wrong side of a beating. Meanwhile, another burglary is committed, but this time the homeowner, Michael Freeland, is stabbed by two masked men. When he is brought into hospital, he is forced to undergo emergency surgery - but later dies after an overdose of IV medication. Leila, Rash's sister, is blamed for his death.
New Blood

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