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Top Coppers follows the adventures of cops John Mahogany and Mitch Rust as they attempt to rid the fictional world of Justice City from its deranged criminal underworld. The universe and its characters are derived from the conventions of American and British cop shows of the 70s and 80s, from Starsky & Hutch to The Professionals, but is set in no specific time or country. Big, silly characters and hilarious stories, Top Coppers is filled with familiar tropes and references from the police and action genres, as well as drawing on relatable British situations, problems and relationships. The home of the show is Justice City Police Department, again, inspired by cop shows of the 70s and 80s; the Station Floor, Chief's office, Interrogation Room, Helga's Lab, The Locker Room, The Car, Mayor Brady's office, Prison Cell.

  • S01E01

    The Chill of the Cockney Freezer – SERIES PREMIERE

  • S01E02

    The Girdle of Randall Rogers

  • S01E03

    The Venom of Dr Schafer

  • S01E04

    The Twist of the French Nicker

  • S01E05

    The Escape of Vince Rust

  • S01E06

    The Passion of the Chris – SEASON FINALE

  • S01E0X

    Stagione 1 – COMPLETA